Auto Replenishment


Image Skincare Auto Delivery is the most convenient way to get beauty delivered to your door, and enjoy all the benefits of our complimentary Auto Delivery program: Complimentary Shipping. The best part? Never having to worry about running out of your favorites.

Need to make a change? It's simple to modify your delivery schedule, item quantity, delivery address or cancel at any time prior to the next shipment date by visiting the Auto Delivery section under My Account. Please allow up to 24 hours for any updates or cancellations to process.

Please don't hesitate to contact Customer Care Representatives and Skincare Specialists with any questions about how to set up an Auto Delivery account or find the perfect skincare regimen here.

Joining Auto Delivery is easy. When choosing a product, simply select the Auto Delivery option and your desired frequency from the drop down menu. You can also select Auto Delivery when reviewing items in your shopping bag. Simply select Auto Delivery and your desired frequency in your Shopping Cart..

Once you join Auto Delivery, you will be sent an email confirmation with a link to the Auto Delivery section in your account where you can manage your future orders.

You will also receive email notifications regarding other important information related to your Auto Delivery account as well as order confirmations.

We will send your Auto Delivery orders automatically according to your preferences, and you will only be billed on the day the order is shipped. We’ll also send you an email reminder 10 days before each Auto Delivery order.

To Change Your Shipment:To change your delivery, sign in and access My Account, go to Auto Delivery under Order Information and select your desired frequency.

To Cancel Your Shipment:Please inform us 24-hours in advance of your ship date. Simply sign in and access My Account, go to Auto Delivery under Order Information and click Cancel. You will be prompted to confirm. Your Auto Delivery will be cancelled, no future orders placed and you’ll be sent an email confirming your cancellation. Please allow up to 24 hours for any modifications or cancellations to be processed.

If you meant to cancel, but forgot to do so in time, please do not open the box, but simply write Return to Sender on it. Once we receive the return in our warehouse, your account will be credited.

To review or modify your Auto Delivery account information, visit Auto Delivery located within your account.

To change your shipping address for an order, please visit the 'My Next Order' tab. Select a previous shipping address from the dropdown menu or create a new address. To change your shipping address for the entire Auto Delivery program, please visit the 'My Auto Delivery' tab to edit details.

The 'Upcoming Orders' tab shows the details for your next scheduled order. An order may contain more than one individual item scheduled for Auto Delivery, if the items have the same order date, shipping address, billing address, and payment information.

The 'My Auto Delivery Products' tab displays individual items and all details associated with them, including next order date, quantity, delivery frequency and shipping address.

You can view your future orders in the 'My Next Order' tab in the Auto Delivery section of your account. To see additional deliveries, click on the arrow next to the next scheduled order date below.

Auto Delivery items that have the same order date, shipping address, billing address and payment method will ship as one order.

If you’ve added additional Auto Delivery items and want them to ship in the same order, simply visit the 'My Next Order' tab in the Auto Delivery section of your account and amend to make the delivery dates match. (Also, please confirm the orders have the same shipping address, billing address and payment method.)

Absolutely! Please log into your account, find your item and choose the Add This to My Order button. When you click, you will have the option to add the item as one-time only or as an Auto Delivery. You can also find these instructions in the 'My Next Order' tab in the Auto Delivery section of your account.

All Auto Delivery subscriptions require a credit or debit card payment. Alternative payment forms, such as PayPal, cannot be accepted.

Auto Delivery Terms:
Delivery items will ship automatically until you cancel. By placing this order, you are authorizing us to charge your card on an automatic, recurring basis for future orders at the frequency and quantity you selected. Such fees will be charged in advance, and will appear on your credit card statement as Image Skincare. You acknowledge and agree that we will not obtain any additional authorization from you for this recurring payment. The actual cost of each shipment may vary depending on the quantity and frequency chosen. For Customer Care or to cancel Auto Delivery, visit cusrtomercare@imageskincarecom or call 1-800-896-7546.

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